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ECUtek ROM v4

Afternoon all,

It's been a while so I thought I'd make a quick post about ECUtek ROM.

Since having v4 installed by ACSpeedtech it really has made a big difference to the way the car drives and the new toys (rolling launch etc) are great fun.

I have an idea to improve usability and thought I'd run it past you all to see what you think. Also, I'm aware the ECUtek guys come on the forum from time to time so it might give some inspiration.

This would be quite easy to implement, not too technical.

Currently, I have 4 maps installed and to change maps you have to hold the CANCEL button on the steering wheel for 2 seconds, change map with the cruise control adjust button and then wait about 2 - 3 more seconds for the map to engage.

It would be much quicker to make it so that just a quick press of the cancel button put it in to "map change mode" select the desired map and then press CANCEL again to engage the map. I can't ever recall accidentally pressing the CANCEL button and even if you did it wouldn't change maps by itself.

With rolling boost you have to first select the correct map which has the feature enabled, put the car in to cruise control and set speed, floor the accelerator and then press CANCEL to unleash the beast.

Wouldn't it be better if by pressing and holding the cancel button at the desired speed then floor it and release CANCEL to go without going in to cruise control? I think this would give much more control of the feature and allow users to take advantage at very short notice. It would also mean that "normal" cruise control would not be affected (so you can accelerate as normal in cruise).

What do you all think?
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