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m1ac_drew 6th July 2002 12:05 PM

R35 Skyline Seen in Reading!
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At least that's what I thought when I saw it! This must be imported because it's not on the UK Nissan site and it had a 51 number plate.

The front end is very similar to the R33 GTS and many of the components are identical, wing mirrors, door handles etc. the only difference is the overall height and the rear end.

The one I saw was blue and at first I thought it was a Peugeot 406 Coupe but then I saw the "S" and thought it was a Skyline...

Cockpit looks tidy too.

Not bad eh?


Driftaholic 6th July 2002 12:06 PM

S15 Silvia
Slightly warmed over 200SX. 2 litre SR20DET.

Pretty good motor! Mechanically it's not too different to a S14 200SX


Mycroft 6th July 2002 01:44 PM

I have driven one of these and they are really damned good, has overtones of the big ferraris on the flank and is only let down by the 4cylinder motor, which though very fast is like all 4cylinder motors a bit low-rent. Give it a straight 6 and a couple of turbos and... hey I have that already!

Very precise handling on the 'S' model I drove.

[ D ] 6th July 2002 10:34 PM

There's also a silver one of these in Reading, it was parked on the third level of the Oracle multistory last Saturday evening :)

m1ac_drew 7th July 2002 06:08 PM

That's exactly where I saw the blue one!

I wonder if the engine bay would fit something bigger? Would it be worth it, i.e. is the handling near to Skyline quality?

Is it rear wheel drive?:smokin:

Mycroft 7th July 2002 06:25 PM

RWD, it could take a 6 but with drastic surgery and then the suspension would need a fair bit of work to retain the delicious turn in. (exemplary, in my books).

I 'believe' that a V6 version (no turbo) may go to the States but will probably have the suspension detuned for the different market.

If you can you MUST drive one.

Draxx 7th July 2002 06:43 PM

oooooo I got all hot and excited then too....:rolleyes:


Driftaholic 7th July 2002 06:54 PM

You can tune SR20's to over 700bhp anyway. Whats the point of putting a 6 in it? Stick to a GTR I reckon! S15's are good enough with SR20's in them!

They're pretty rare too. Most import places only have auto's or non turbos. Not worth it really. You can get a new one imported on the road for 25K, or get a used one for about 12K.


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