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GT-R servicing in Hertfordshire

So I've drawn a blank with Nissan London West who seem completely incapable of answering a phone, or returning messages, or even acknowledging that a potential customer even exists.

As everyone already knows, WLMG are no longer a NHPC, and so they are unable to service GT-R's and it seems that customers have been directed to NLW and they would appear to be swamped. It's a shame as my experiences with WLMG have been excellent thus far, although from what I read I know some may feel different.

I've been chatting the Litchfield's briefly but it's a proper hike from Watford and I just don't have the time to get the car there at a time that suits, plus they seem pretty booked up for weekend appointments. Kaisers is a little closer, but it's still 65 miles away.

I've also been in touch with Ben Linney who is not far from me and he suggested 'Garage D' here in Watford, but trying to search for the company name on the forums just throws up all posts with the word 'Garage' in the thread - of which there are many.

So, anyone here using 'Garage D' for R35 servicing? Any thoughts? Other local recommendations.
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