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Originally Posted by Rainman View Post
That was my thoughts exactly.

I've spoken to Abbey previously when I had my 350Z and 370Z but in all honesty they're not exactly local either, in which case I might as well go to Kaizer as they're not much further but in the opposite direction around the M25.

I know this sounds a little mental, but I'm actually really miffed that the NHPC which is about 10 miles away and allegedly serving the London area can't get it's act together. Since this MY2010 had under 1000 miles on it when I collected it I had planned to try and keep it in the NHPC network, but Nissan have seen to it that it's not going to happen.

I really don't want to start taking days off work to get stuff done half-way across the country as it costs me so much in lost income, but it looks like that's how it has to be.
I agree with Adam and Oldbob.. Im also in the same area as you and go through the litchfield trip lol But if its just servicing your after your honestly best off shooting down to Kaizer Motors.. He does a top job and wont take very long too.. Have never been to the others suggested but have heard good things about auto torque and Whiffbitz

And you should be glad that the wlmg near you lost its NHPC status as they were not doing a good job lol..
Nissan london west looks good though, they have a dedicated GTR section in their garage and seem very committed to satisfy GTR owners in the area..
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