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Originally Posted by Hashlak View Post
Nissan london west looks good though, they have a dedicated GTR section in their garage and seem very committed to satisfy GTR owners in the area..
When was the last time you had direct experience of them? I'm going to guess that it's not been any time within the last 3 weeks.

At NLW I tried for a whole week and made no less than 8 phone calls, all of which I was hold for ages until I was eventually just cut off, so if you count the times I called back immediately and left a message instead then it's actually more than 8. I eventually managed to speak to Gilles through nothing more than dogged persistence and only once venting my spleen at the very first person that actually answered the phone. Every time you mentioned with letters G, T and R to them they went into a panic and said "oh I'm afraid only Gilles can deal with them" and they just wanted to get your off their phone and passed over to him but without any thought that your call actually made it through to him, which of course it never did until the 9th attempt.

However, I needed to cancel the appointment and started trying to call them three days before the due date, but once again I just couldn't get through and eventually I just thought "[email protected]&£ them, if they can't even answer a phone after the umpteen time then I'm certainly not obligated to give them fair notice that I'm not coming". Their web call-back app doesn't work, I've made a complaint about them directly to Nissan UK, and since they STILL haven't called me once and so I have to conclude that since I have wasted so much time on the phone that they are a shower of #### and it will be a cold day in hell before I put a penny their way.

As I understand it NLW is not a franchised dealer but is Nissan UK owned and operated. If Nissan were even vaguely serious about keeping their GT-R customers within the NHPC network after their warranty has expired then operating their flag-ship London GT-R dealership in this way is exactly the wrong way to do it.
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