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Originally Posted by Kabz r35 Gtr View Post
That's mental 207mph!!
Not bad Lol..However we have now been told after we left @3pm
Two Porsche 911's came good One tipped the QR @208mph and another apparently only running @ 60% Power ran an creditable 211mph

Oh well Bronze with the LA Ferrari it has to be Lol

I was being persuaded to Turn the Qashqai "up" as we ran 1.9bar.
He has the ability to Run 2.3 bar circa quite a jump in power IMO.

My Logic was to do what was required at the time of leaving we had pulled two back to back Runs and was On Top of the leader board
and My personal Target or Goal of 200mph was reached Why push the boat ?

I believe Both Porkys ran One Run each late in the day..Lesson learnt Don't count chickens till the Lady sings

Gundam is Still the Coarse Record holder @ 239mph
We All have to go some more to beat a full on SVM GTR


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