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Originally Posted by Guy View Post
Haha, thats brilliant, I would imagine the Qashqai would have been scary at that speed though, due to high CoG and short wheelbase, compared to the GTRs.

I'm fairly sure the Veyron driver must have lacked balls at the event though, since a stock Veyron does 205mph in a standing mile (as tested by US mags) and from my experience driving one, there's no way it won't be accelerating over the next 0.5-0.6 miles to the timing beam.

A properly driven Veyron should be doing 215-200mph at Brunters.
Hi the QR wasn't tooooo scary Lol she seems to travel at speed with ease.A cedit to the Build quality) Cut and shut Job Lol
(The Wheel base is the same as a GTR)

The La Ferrari, Bugatti Vayron, and Aventador were all driven by good Drivers IMO The Vayron pulled consistent pulls @ 202mph some way off the QR.

I don't think any of them let us beat them LOL In fact I know the Bugatti driver, he used to own a GTR (A very fast driver)Hello Iggy !! "The Datsun SUV beat You" Lol
Top Bloke !!

Conditions are the same for everyone, and you cant always rely on what you read.
I'm sure all cars can go faster in different environments and test conditions...The QR had already proved to be a match to many a Hypa car at the Pod earlier this yr
with a 9 sec 1/4 @ 145mph on (265mm road tyres all round) To do a real world tests at well over 200mph! Enough said


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