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Originally Posted by TB993tt View Post
Just to get facts straight one of the Porkys was running 208 at 1pm (have a peek at the top of the photo, just didn't go round shouting about it as slightly embarrassed that the Quash was right there - it was definately star of the show
Do you have GPS log of the 207 or was it the speed guns ?

To Guy, the length available for acceleration was 200m shorter than usual due to a dirty great 747 in the braking zone plus there was a slight headwind that is probably why the Veyron was not going any faster....

BTW the 1.4bar in the pic is a spike as I lifted off, this motor is a daily driver and only runs 1.2bar at peak power

Edited: I can't post pics as I have 9 posts, the pic is of the speedo showing 214mph taken at 1:07pm
Hi You should of shouted about it @ 1pm Lol I would of Turned the wick up for sure

Yes we have Full GPS logging showing 207mph. Do You?
All speedometers show over
Well Done All cars Over 200mph in a head wind are seriously fast
.Were you the white 911 I overtook on the Motorway?
Reg IBBY ?


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