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New owner saying hello

Evening all.
Today I collected my (first) GT-R from AF Noble. What an epic car.
I've set the rev-limit to 3,000 and, for the next month (until running-in is completed), will be driving Miss Daisy style. To be fair, the timing's not ideal: it'll be run-in just in time for the crappy weather, so I have a set of Dunlop Winters ready to switch to at the Optimisation service. If anyone's interested, Oponeo did a full set for £916 delivered.

Anyway, back the car.... Still epic.
The salesman (John) has been super-helpful throughout. I tested a 2012 car as well as a couple of drives in the 2014 demonstrator. He was very understanding when I arranged a follow-up test drive of the 2014 car so that I could seek out stop-start traffic / rubbish road surfaces and dual-carriageway drudgery. Probably not an every day request but he took it in his stride. Sacrilegious as it is.
(What can I say - this is replacing my S4(B8) as a daily driver so it needs to be liveable)

In the end my shortlist was:
Keep the S4 + buy new Jag F-type V6S
Keep the S4 + buy used AMV8
Trade the S4 for GT-R

I can't believe I swithered for weeks. Doh. With hindsight the GT-R should have been a no-brainer. Untouchable performance, 4WD and 4 seats (to fit the cherubs aged 9 & 11)

Anyway I've had a variety of fairly nippy cars over the years and, without a shadow of doubt, this is the daddy of them all. It even makes the Tuscan S seem tame.

Anyway, that's a long-winded way of saying:
Hello and I look forward to many miles in this work of automotive genius.

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