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I was thinking of doing dp's, inlet, intakes with cone filters (although if possible get upgraded panel filter since it looks a lot better for the inspection/mot/besiktning), y-pipe and of course the tune in one go.
I've run Cobb for the last 10 years on ohter platforms and I think it suits my needs for the gt-r as well. I'll run a conservative map for the setup, 550-560 crank hp will suffice for now.
Catted downpipes I've never had before on other cars, as they were given to me I'll just stick to them I think. That is, if there's nobody objecting on here. Since they're after the turbos I assume nothing big happens if they break, or?

I'll have to check out gtc for the inlets, sounds good.

So injectors I'll only need for roughly 600 crank hp and onwards?
I thought I'd wait with the injectors and if I wanted to switch over to ethanol I'd do the injectors and pumps. Does this seem reasonable?

Finally thanks for all the responses!
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