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Another Newb here

Real Name Ant, I live in NE Kent on the Peninsular and work for Delphi in the R+D section in the Gillingham Technical Centre as a Validation Shift Lead/ Supervisor.

Always been a Petrol-head, never owned a stock vehicle or motorcycle for that matter, Originally an aircraft engineer , then fabricator-toolmaker and finally a BMW tuner ( flame suit on.. )

Having wanted ( needed ? ) an R32 since I was 17, last year I took the plunge and went for it- Yes fuelled by magazine articles and the birth of GT on PS1 lol ! the 21 year itch got me in the end.

R32 1990 in KH2 with stage 1 mods, purchased late sept last year - almost missed mine as a French guy beat me too it then pulled out whilst HJA were finding a "twin" for me I bought mine as it was exactly the spec colour and rims I would have chose If I were building my own car. It had to be a grey one......... mostly stock and with some provenance.

I've done nothing to mine since purchase apart from gutting all the trim out and removing the bodykit and wheels to inspect/clean/ Bilt Hamber the underside and all cavities, bought a power FC for fitting later on, currently got a Mine's VX rom in the ECU.

Plans are - polish , polish and more polish and enjoy but currently lurking inside under cover til the weather improves and the grit lorries retire.

I've created a garage- excellent feature ! few pics in there for you guys.

Cheers for reading
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