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Originally Posted by Guy
If it comes out in 2007, the newest R34s will be 5 years old, the oldest 8 years. R33s will be 8-12 years old and R32s will be up to 18years old - makes you think really doesn't it................
It certainly is long overdue.

It always makes me smile how whenever you hear people talk about Skylines, R34s in particular, they always remark about "the computers driving the car for you". In reality by todays standards, the sort of stuff in the Skyline is bordering on basic equipment. When you think that there are cars today that have things like side airbags (side, etc), keyless entry, integrated HUDs (ok the R34 has one), electronic tyre pressure monitors, AYC, brake and power bias on a per wheel basis, and that these things aren't by and large out of the ordinary anymore... well, it certainly makes you think.
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