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Originally Posted by matt j View Post
Can you post link to the prices Dan?

But I'm not saying I'm correct Dan, I've posted what is commonly known in the industry. You are arguing against the original post, all I'm doing is asking for proof of why you think one application is better than the other. So far, all you've returned is just opinions.

Again, I'm not claiming to know anything Dan, I'm asking you to prove why you constantly go on about singles being better. All you've posted so far is because 2 people told you so. Do you have any evidence?

By looking at the TPS and revs?

No Dan, I haven't mate, I'm not claiming I have. I've witnessed back-to-back testing though, albeit a few years ago and on a drag car that had a lot of power.

You no why Matt cause the multi tbs restrict flow, amt showed every one years ago.

What plenums were tested back to back? From all the searches I done on forum I found a lot from twenierob saying the best all rounder was a endless single ?

Hypertune RB26 Multi Throttle Body Inlet Manifold - Garage Whifbitz

Hypertune RB26 Inlet Manifold For 90mm Throttle Body 6 Injectors - Garage Whifbitz

Also have to add £400 to the single plenum for throttle body
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