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I am not convinced that the single offers any more benefit the inlet to the std plenum is what 80mm? that volume of air that can enter and always have a constant pressure regardless of what level of opening is on the ITB. On a single your still feeding through an 80mm pipe into 90mm throttle which then controls the air in through the plenum and into the cylinders if anything I can only see disadvantages and none of the advantages unless there is some proper data from the same engine with just those two differences ITB and a Single plenty setup.

I will be going down the Nismo plenum route at some point in my search for optimisation and get rid of the issues with the Oem plenum air flow design.

I think those who say single throttle is better is based on their own personal opinions and views. Would have been far cheaper for Nissan to have carried over a single plenum from the RB25 no? They clearly saw a benefit. In the after market work it would be far more expensive to develop a improved design or even larger ITB setup so people come out with a single which is easier and cheaper and something they can sell.

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