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Originally Posted by jps View Post
Not sure exactly.

Yes, the R1 engine could be purchased and fitted 'yourself', or the full 'R Tune' (or S Tune) package could be purchased and fitted by Nismo at the Omori factory. The numbers of full R Tune cars seems to be very low - my earlier research came up with 17 only - The R Tune package for a R34 was an expensive option back in 2005, I'm not surprised very few where Nismo'd - that's in addition to the original R34's cost in 2002.
i started to go to Japan in 2003, and there were alot of money being spent on tuning parts, Mines, Greddy, Nismo etc. Just look how TAS has changed in those 15/6 years.

Owners were not too worried about what they were spending.

these days it is a little different, but people do still pay the money.

the R package was (and still is) a good engine package.

people still buy the omori engines (it has to be fitted at Omori) but not in the same volume as they used too

car looks very nice, but all i am saying is that there are more than 19 other people in japan running the same engine set up
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