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Question Questioning the actual figures produced??

Originally Posted by matty32 View Post
20 Z tunes yes, but not 20 R spec engines.
Hmmmm....Are you 100% sure that there were actually twenty Z-Tune II's built by Nismo Matty? Nissan has a habit of saying that they'll produce "X" number of limited edition vehicles like this £86k version of the BNR34 but when somebody actually does a physical search for the specified number, they some how seem to turn up short time and time again.

This scan below from the "Nissan GT-R Supercar Born to Race" book also helps the argument for less than twenty vehicles :-

Originally Posted by Dennis Gorodji wrote View Post
Its interesting that, instead of the planned 20, only 19 Z2's were built because NISMO had problems finding a 20th car that met the required qualities.
I always found it odd that when High Performance Imports magazine was shown around the Omori Factory by Mr Iwata at Nismo during the final stages in 2006, You only saw pictures of R34-Z-016 (fully Completed) R34-Z-017 (having its engine fitted & nearly done) and two more shells (one in White with Grey primer & Bayside Blue at the very start of the rebuild process) which were probably numbers R34-Z-018 and R34-Z-019 respectively.

Its almost as if back then they knew there wasn't going to be a 20th Z-Tune made!

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