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Originally Posted by RSVFOUR View Post
personally I would call it an M35 project .

thats a good photoshop but it will be much different doing it metal or grp. I have photoshopped an daimler XJ6 front onto a series one stagea.
Looked the bisiness but it would never fit in real life.

The 35 front fits a m35 stagea ok , its been done but the rears dont match - you can make them fit with photoshop but the fact is that the doors are completely different sizes - the 35 door ends half way down the Stagea rear door in that picture so the pillar has to be moved - not practicle

Ive looked at pretty much every stagea conversion in detail and some just dont work.

good luck though if you seriously take it -on
Thanks for the info mate, I'm aware there's a lot of work involved and I've seen a couple of projects where the front wings were welded onto each other.. I'm thinking to basically bolt a fiberglass wing on rather than welding the two stock metal ones like previous projects...

Regarding the doors and rear arches you're right it won't even be close as what looks on the photo but I'm going to do the bottom part of the doors with filler and shape it to that line and the rear arches actually going to be even little wider using a pair of fiberglass arches.

Rear bumper and diffuser wouldn't be too hard as I'm already in the process of putting the rear end together, As i mentioned earlier I do make bodykits for living and I've actually got the complete GTR kit ready to go on but I do know it won't be anywhere near a straight swap so a lot of body work is needed.

Was initially thinking to built it complete on carbon fibre but due to the fact that I need to cut bits I thought it's best not wasting carbon material.

Originally Posted by speedingpanther View Post
I say go for it - never seen one in the metal so to speak. Just pics.
The doors won't be the same as you picture mind (without a huge amount of work).

That said -
Are you going 3 door?

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I know that would be crazy, I'd be happy if I could get as close as this shape with 5 door but I guess if I find a GTR shell then I might have a chance

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