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Originally Posted by skylinesteve
i heard some rumors of a V8 going into the GT-R, not i'm not sure if it's a TT or N/A, but...just an opinion question.
do you think putting a V8 in a Skyline would be a good thing or a bad thing? the skyline in my opinion is a V6 car, and it does awesome with it. no need to stick a V8 in it. there's already a reputation behind this car. but what if they screw up in putting the V8 in the car and the new GT-R can't hold up to it's reputaion??? that would really suck.
You don't know what your talking about. You sound very silly, most people on this forum know what a skyline is, you are a little confused I think. Nissan first put a V6 in the 300zx in 1984 if I not mistaken. That has nothing to with Skylines check out this website if you don't believe me.

Skyline's don't have a history with V configuation engines.
Think before you speak.
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