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Originally Posted by PPG View Post
Hello Matt, let me try to expand.. Its not a easy simple one line answer
First off, many thanks for taking the time to respond, it is appreciated.

Originally Posted by PPG View Post
(The R32 system has not been designed in the first stage for paddle shift however its a natural development that we are working on now)
That's good news indeed.

Originally Posted by PPG View Post
However automation is something we specialise in and you can see the types of paddle shift systems we produce working in the Dallas Performance 2000hp Audi R8.

This is working within the region of 40-50ms for shift for next gear stable coupled with a 5mm shift distance for actuation and typically 2/3rds the air pressure required because of the low stiction systems we inbuilt in our designs.

A lot of people that have seen the Dallas Lambo and Audi sequential systems think they are actually DSG such is the smooth and seamless shifting function.
That's very similar to the logged timings I'm getting from the Holinger.

Originally Posted by PPG View Post
Our exclusive usage of the Gill Blade 360º sensor on our barrel systems which is actually 10bit resolution provides data at higher levels than any other system in the industry , no need for filters that mask the data and the ability to log data at high speed , its the reason why Gill supply the F1 grid with sensors

This data capture enables greater visibility of dog position and allows you to characterise the dog position such that you can achieve next gear stable in reduced ,repeatable and accurate times.

Gill?s Rotary Sensors selected by world-leading performance gearbox manufacturer | Gill Sensors
I'm using Penny and Giles Sensors, they seem quite up to the job for the cost

Originally Posted by PPG View Post
In terms of power, PPG have 2400hp V6 cars running our systems running un imaginable speeds with 2000ftlb with 1600kg chassis with huge slicks on glued tracks, I guess at this point you need to see PPG is based around Drag racers and huge HP applications , its what we do.....
That's great but doesn't answer the question which is specific to this box unfortunately.

Originally Posted by PPG View Post
The thing to think about is this system is designed for the aftermarket sector ,its not a lightweight optimised system design for a particular series of racing with a HP & Torque ceiling thats been adapted from something that just happens to fit.
Have you tested one to destruction, in either drag, circuit or road conditions?
I take it there's a specific maintenance schedule too?

Originally Posted by PPG View Post
The PPG R32 Sequential system has been designed with the view the customers will throw everything and the kitchen sink at it to try to break it . We are pretty sure we got it covered ..... Any questions you can call or email me and i will be happy to answer any technical points ...
It kind of sounds like you're expecting your customer base to find the limits tbh.
There's already quite a few people asking what the limits are and yet FB and this thread seems to be evading the questions.

Would it be possible to answer was the HP and Torque ceiling is please?

Apologies for all the questions, if you'd rather discuss offline, I don't mind; feel free to PM.

Just to add; I have 2 friends who are currently looking for a sequential box but so far it seems like (no offence intended) people are simply requested to have faith in the product rather than being given the actual technical details and specification.
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