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Quite good experience

So, now I've been there I thought I would document for others to see. Overall I would give them 8 out of 10...

From a service point of view, they were 10 out of 10. I had a link to a video sent to me during the day, taken by the engineer. He talked through the issues while pointing them out on camera. The webpage that had the video, also had the details of the various healthcheck items that had been looked at and given a Red, Amber or Green rating and any notes documented (% of wear on brake pads etc,etc)

my problems were a cracked oil filter was dumping oil down the bottom of the car, looked a right mess all the way back to the rear axle, and my tires were down to 2-3mm. Oil filter and oil change was meant to be done some time ago, I didn't realise that it needs a 9k oil change regardless of 12k service, for which I had a slight telling off from the engineer !

they quoted £484 each for front tyres and £580 each for rears, needless to say I didn't take them up on the offer, as that's twice as much as blackcircles. However, and this is good bit of customer service they said, once the new tyres are fitted bring it back and they will complete the optimisation process which has a tracking component but no point in tracking knackerd tyres which are about to be changed !

In total, the service (G3) was £804. I knock off 1 point in the rating for the price, as I know you can get this service cheaper elsewhere but I wanted to stay in the Nissan service programme until it's out of warranty. (I don't want any quibbles come the day I have a serious issue !)

They gave me a Juke as a courtesy car, which was ok as a car, could have been worse and all it did was got me home and sat on my drive for 5 hours and took me back. But, and here is the loss of the other point in the rating, within 10mins of being in the car, I had low petrol warnings flashing and pinging. So I had to put £10 of fuel in....I left it with considerably more fuel in it than when I received it...! So, my comment here is at least make sure there is a enough fuel in the car to get it out the car park !

So, all in all, I'm pleased with the overall experience and will return to Westway Aldershot in 9k miles time to have the oil a good little boy !
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