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G2GUV 7th August 2016 08:53 PM

Project G2GUV - My Dream Build
Hi guys and girls,

4 years ago now I started snooping around at project threads on this forum and never thought I would ever be in a position to create my own project thread.

5 GTRs later - here I am. :)

Last year May - I purchased my bone stock DMG MY14 and have been on a wild journey ever since to build my dream GTR.

There is just so much to write but I will let the pictures do a lot of talking. So please excuse the amount of pictures I upload.

I'll try to keep the write up as brief as possible:

Car was totally stock when I purchased it - so within a couple of weeks I was one the phone to Ben Linney to purchase all I needed to go straight to Stage 4.25! I had Albert at Knight Racer install the goodies and carry out the conversion. I had been at Stage 4.25 in 3 of my previous GTR's before - so was looking forward to this upgrade.

Straight after this - a full Knight Racer carbon kit was ordered for my car. Kit was delivered straight to Robbie at Valet Magic as I was getting him to install along with window tinting and a full detail including ceramic gtechnique coating.

A call was also made to Bal - Difflow UK for the rear diffuser fins. :)

The car was starting to take shape - and I was daily trying to convince myself that the car is done! LOL.

Wheels started to look a little boring and the car needed lowering in my opinion.

I looked into various suspension options - but one stuck out over the rest. The all new Tein Wireless GPS EDFC Controlled Coilover kit. For those that know me - I love trying things that are new rather than just following people towards all the hyped/overated proven products, even though going down the proven route has its perks.
BC Forged HB29 wheels were added into the mix and the car was sent back to Knight Racer to have this awesome new kit fitted. The suspenion kit is fully adjustable at the touch of a button from inside the car. Really is amazing and has to be tried - you can stiffen the front and rear independantly and create programs for comfort road use/drag/tack etc.

In my mind - this was it! I was happy at Stage 4.25, and cosmetically the car was looking good. But something was missing!

I started taking a liking to carbon bonnets and the VARIS front wings! :runaway:

I had a few ideas to take my car cosmetically to the next level. With purple being my favorite colour - my initial plan was for a full repaint in a nice candy purple. I have had a wrapped car before - and seen many wraps on gtrs daily. Unfortunately gloss wraps just do not cut it and really detract from the car. It was vital that I instructed the right people to paint my car! I have many many friends and even family members who run paintshops, but I had rarely seen a finish exceeding that of Kream Developments. Their paint jobs really are spectacular. I had no link to them - so I called Kash from Kream Developments and arranged to go see them to discuss.

Kash really is a talented individual. I explained I was torn between VARIS and ZTune front wings, they both had an element that I loved but ended up buying VARIS. He very casually said "why dont we just make them for you?" LOL! :bowdown1:

I was extremely proud to design and develop the Kream GTR Fenders with them on my car. After much discussion, we also agreed to leave the car DMG but introduce purple highlights around the car. I was nervous if DMG and Purple would work well together but had faith in Kream and my choice.

As we were putting in some purple - I thought this would be the right time to paint the calipers purple as well. BUT - the power bug was getting me! Deep down - I knew that I will soon be turning things up, so I felt it best to sort the brakes out properly. A few days later - Full AP Radical BBK kit was delivered to Kream Developments and the calipers were ready to be painted in custom purple. :chuckle:

Did someone mention power? :runaway:

This was something that I was always secretly researching in the background. :)
The engine building route was clear. Given my position in Battalion30five, I was friends with all the respected tuners in the UK. The choice was tough - but my head and heart wanted my car built by Jurgen at JM Imports. I had used other tuners in the past, so there was no reason to try anyone new, other than close friends highly recommending him - and the fact that Jurgen is the most down to earth, honest and genuine person one can meet.

We discussed many many options and finalised a build. The only question remaining was WHICH TURBOS!!!??? :runaway:

Although I had limited knowledge - one thing I was certain of was that I wanted to create a super fast street car, that performs awesomely on track and will have the ability to drag race at the odd events as well.

It was always my intention to build an awesome 'All rounder!' A bit of show with a bit of go. :)

Borg Warner EFRs had my attention. I tried a special new 'cook up' of modified EFR cores in OEM Housings which we broke on the first day of Dyno. :eek: I wasn't prepared to mess around anymore - so was straight on the phone to Iain Litchfield for his LM1000 turbo kit - Borg Warner EFR7163s :bowdown1::bowdown1::bowdown1:
Boy am I glad I went with these!!! WOW! The spool and power delivery are out of this world. Car is seriously savage.

As above - I was creating a show boat as well as a go boat. I did tell you purple was my favorite colour?

I will update you all on the full build spec shortly.

The car won 'Car of Show' at Streetgasm in Netherlands - the first time I got something back for all my efforts :chuckle::chuckle::chuckle:

I will find more pictures over the next few days to post - as I have also added Tillet Full Carbon Race Seats with a harness bar and harnesses inside. Be ready for a lot of purple :chuckle::chuckle::chuckle:

Also - the complete audio system has been overhauled by Andy at R35Audio.


G2GUV 7th August 2016 08:58 PM

There is definately load and loads that I have probably overlooked writing up the above.

I will update over the next few days or so - but meanwhile if you have any questions, please ask. :)

Simonh 7th August 2016 08:58 PM

Those front wings are very nice

G2GUV 7th August 2016 09:00 PM

Thanks Simon,

they are on a few GTRs now - but proud to say that G2GUV was the very first as they were developed on my car. Lol.

TABZ 7th August 2016 09:23 PM

Possibly the most sorted 35 there is. As I said before, there is so much in that car that I would have either chosen or implemented in my own build if ever I was in that position.
Well done to you Rocky, it's quick becoming an icon [emoji106]

bigkeeko 7th August 2016 09:24 PM

There's cars and then there's cars like yours. Top job man. :thumbsup:

GeeTR 7th August 2016 10:24 PM

Love those wheels. Very nice car

Mookistar 7th August 2016 10:29 PM

Awesome thread. Thanks for sharing.

twobadmice 7th August 2016 10:41 PM

Looks great! Love the wings and wheels.

Johnny G 8th August 2016 06:05 AM

The car is stunning. I had the pleasure of going out in it when we went to Wales. Sweet Jesus. It's mind bending.
Awesome car, and he's an OK guy too :)

CT17 8th August 2016 06:33 AM

You know my thought on this car Rocky, probably one of the best R35s out there.

Great blend of bits, style and it's not too shouty although it has obvious bodywork updates.
Staying with the stock colour really works on this with some purple blended in.

G2GUV 8th August 2016 10:35 AM

Thanks guys - really appreciate the feedback.

As much as I have modified my car to my taste, it is always pleasing to know that I'm not an all out weirdo with sickening taste. :)

Simonh 8th August 2016 11:01 AM

well apart from that rear spoiler :puke:

G2GUV 8th August 2016 11:03 AM

The spec of my car so far:


BC Forged HB29 Wheels finished in Satin Black
Full Knight Racer Hybrid Carbon Bodykit
Difflow Rear Diffuser Fins
Tein GPS Wireless Controlled Coilover Suspension Kit
Custom Kream Fenders/Wings
JUN Carbon Bumper Intercooler Vent
GT2 Style Carbon Bonnet with Aero Catches
Custom Mix Purple Highlights all around car
Privacy Glass


Full Carbon B1 Tillet Race Seats
Colour Coded Harness Bar
Custom made purple FIA approved Harnesses
JCR Billet Aluminium Shift Paddles - Anodised in Purple
Alcantara Retrimmed Steering Wheel and Door Handles - Purple Stitching
Full Audio Upgrade by R35Audio
Bit 1 Audison Controller
Twin Hertz Subwoofers in Boot in Custom Fibreglass Enclosures
Complete Sound Deadening
All Internal Components upgraded to Hertz


Carillo Conrods
CP Pistons
Polished and Balanced Crank
JUN Cams
HKS Inlet Plenum
ETS Race Intercooler - Anodised Purple
Tial Blow Off Valves - Anodised in Purple
Large 80mm Intake Pipes - Large K&N Filters
Forge Black Header Tank
Borg Warner EFR 7163 Turbos with Log Manifolds - LM1000s
Fore Innovations Fuel System _ Full System including fuel lines
Flex Fuel
Syvecs S6 Plus Standalone ECU
Fully Built Transmission - PPG V3
Linney 16 Plate Clutch Kit
Upgraded ETS with Carbon Shims
Linney Titan Street 102mm Exhaust System
Custom Engine Paint in Purple to match :)

Thats all I can remember at present - but hopefully gives you an idea of what the car is running.

Last dyno run was before the fueling system upgrade and the car made 999.7hp with 820lb ft of torque on Vpower.

With the new fuel system now and flex fuel installed - the car is approx 1150 ish hp on E85, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Again - Dyno runs are only to give me an indication of where about the car is after certain modifications. I did not build my car to be a drag queen or the highlight of any pub talk - hence, NO POWER STICKERS will be found around my car. :)

All I can say - is that the car is just awesome to drive. I was shocked how nice the car drives around town as a daily driver and at the flick of a button (or two) just turns on its brutal personality.

More pictures shortly. :)

G2GUV 8th August 2016 11:07 AM


Originally Posted by Simonh (Post 4865361)
well apart from that rear spoiler :puke:

You will be glad to know that the car is currently away being treated to a few cosmetic changes. :)

I am seriously excited to pick it up end of this week with my new Carbon Aero installed. All I will say for the moment is JCR!!!!! :chuckle:

Watch this space :)

G2GUV 8th August 2016 01:58 PM

A few shots of the interior and one of the car competing at TOTB last weekend. :)

Sukhy 8th August 2016 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by CT17 (Post 4864849)
You know my thought on this car Rocky, probably one of the best R35s out there.

Great blend of bits, style and it's not too shouty although it has obvious bodywork updates.
Staying with the stock colour really works on this with some purple blended in.

I agree with this 100%.

Stunning car with all the right parts. Well done.

GTRNICK 8th August 2016 02:29 PM

Lovely car you have there. Tastefully done too.

Stealth69 8th August 2016 02:35 PM

How the **** do you fit in those seats? and why pink?? trying to tease out your femme side ;)

but in all honesty and joking a side, the car looks wicked mate! (Tony R)

BigBen 8th August 2016 03:06 PM

Its a very nice motor you have there mate. Echoing most of the posts already here. tasteful yet quite bonkers at the same time.

Credit where its due. Its nice :)

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