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HKS Legalis vs. Nismo exhaust


I got really cheap nismo full exhaust, inc. nismo equal lenght downpipe (2x65mm/75) and 3" rest of nismo exhaust.

Pic of same kind nismo.
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Proplem is... at the moment i've hks downpipe wich is same specs as nismo one(not equal lenght), but rest of the pipe (Hks legalis) is outer diameter of 84mm and nismo just 80mm.

Was wondering, will i install nismo or keep my hks legalis. What nismo sounds like? what is the difference if diameter gets 4mm smaller ? Other option is, that i sell nismo again and will by 3.5" exhaust..

rb26 and engine power is about 550hp at the moment. What exhaust size u guys have and what power you are making ?
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