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Just a quick update - car has now been treated to JCR Stage 3 Carbon Aero.
The front Dive Planes are being fitted this week.

I have looked the look of this Carbon Aero ever since I first set sight on it. Finally managed to convince myself to spend the money on it.

Aesthetics aside - the car feel completely different at high speeds. I really enjoyed my first track day with this carbon aero at Niss Show - Rockingham.

Just a few images for you guys of the current look - taken by Steve at Rockingham. Will take some more static shots soon and upload.

I have now gone for the Dry/Mate Carbon look around the car for a classier look imo. All the purple accents on the carbon are not coated in matte laquer and the car looks seriously better than before - again in my opinion. Gloss carbon is dead - LOL!!!


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