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Fuel lines for e85?

Doing some flex fuel tuning on my 1990 BNR32 and looking for some advice.
Fuel wise, I put in a walboro 450 lph, 1000cc ID injectors, and nismo FRP. Kept the stock fuel rail.
My tuner is still working some kinks out of the tune (AEMv2 with AEM's flex fuel sensors). We got 435 whp on 92 octane and 494 whp on e70, no more due to maxed fuel delivery. I'm fine with those numbers on a stock bottom end, but I didn't think I would be limited by fuel delivery with my set up.
I'm also going to replace all the non-hard fuel lines to withstand e85. I'd like to order some and do that over the winter.
Anyone done that before? Any idea about how much fuel line length I'll need?
Also wondering where the bottle neck might be in terms of fuel deliver, I'm not going to up the power more, just curious.
Thanks in advance!
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