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work is progressing

Including.... but not a complete list!!

Front & rear diffuser:- clean, mask, etch prime, satin & clear coat metal areas. Fit new green Zn fixings + copper grease.

Clean front lower undertray/splitter.

Media blast shocks/springs ready for paint.

Clean metal ends of carbon prop shaft, mask off, etch prime & 2K satin paint.

Clean all plastics - front under tray, arch liners, tank & attessa guards, loom shielding, brake ducts, air diversion ducts etc.

Clean & polish ally shock platforms.

Mask prep, etch prime & paint shock bodies.

Clean ally wheel spacers. Clean, prep, mask & paint rear tow hook, rear inner arch brake shields, Nismo suspension arms.

Strip down & clean, new grease and fit new boots & boot bands to drive shafts.

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