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Welcome to 2017

Summary of recent work:-

Fit front wheel arch brake brackets & fixings.

Fit Attessa pump, bracket, guard and Corroheat to protect.

Fit rear towing eye, new fixings.

Fit main wiring loom to chassis rail with new fixings & Corroheat to protect.

Fit new Zn plated heat shields, fuel pipe cover, Attessa splash guard.

Fit new epoxied rear arch brake line covers & fixings.

Paint 12 Nismo suspension arms, 4 coats 2 pack silver & 2 coats crystal clear lacquer.

Fit all suspension arms to subframe with new fixings.

Fit rear drive shafts.

Build up brake calipers.

Corroheat inside of strut tower tops - ALL cavities - prior to seam sealing of these areas.

Corroheat front chassis rails, rear subframe mounting points.

Fit newly powder coated rear gearbox brace.

Fit new fuel line clips.

Fit front drive shafts.

Fit new bonnet catch.

Clean, mask, paint horns & brackets.

Fit front top camber arms, swan neck uprights, hub carriers, rear prop shaft, etc, etc, etc.

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