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Getting close now!

Last weeks work includes build up the 4 Bilstein shock absorbers, remove rear interior & fit rear shocks.

Build up & fit rear drop links, handbrake mechanism, rear brake calipers, discs, brake lines.

Fit air deflectors to tension arms, rear prop shaft bracing, front anti roll bar.

Fit newly plated aircon brackets, rad brackets, wheel sensors etc with newly Zn plated fixings.

Replace incorrect SS engine bay & slam panel fixings with new OEM fixings.

Assemble rear suspension, hicas, hubs, drive shaft, anti roll bars, brake disc, calipers, shocks & suspension arms.

Fit main rear subframe & exhaust mounting brackets with newly Zn plated fixings.

Remove front bumper supports bar, intercooler, pipes, clamps & fixings ready for plating / powder coating etc.


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