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Originally Posted by habu32 View Post
Nice pics!

I'm keen to hear how those Type R's sound, I've seen a few vids on youtube, but still the more the merrier. Not many running those cams it seems. Would be perfect for me here since the 2 year Japanese inspections are kinda stringent depending on who you get. And they're drop it still. Did you go with adjustable gears?
Hey habu32,

The Type-r's still have a nice note to them, but my exhaust is very quiet so it would not be a good representation of how they would normally sound. I do have adjustable Tomei cam gears, i have advanced the inlet cam and retarded the exhaust cam a little. Thats cool that you are in Japan i really want to go over and check the place out, especially the Omori Factory, R's meeting and the Nismo festival.
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