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March 2017 -finally getting up to date

One of my coolant hoses(in front of timing cover) had developed a pin hole leak after doing the circuit and coffee day last year. A friend gave me a replacement hose to use before i replaced it with a new one. When that one was replaced one of the coolant hoses up under the back of the inlet manifold developed a tiny leak. After that i made the decision to just replace them all as i believe they were all the original 15 year old hoses.

I had already ordered a complete genuine Nissan 11 piece coolant hose kit and new genuine Nissan top and bottom radiator hoses for the car last year after the first leak. On the weekend i found time to put the car up and change all the coolant hoses including the radiator hoses. Many swear words were said and a bit of skin was lost. The only 2 i didn't change were the ones that go to the factory oil/water heat ex-changer because i believe they get removed and capped off when the Nismo oil cooler i am yet to buy is fitted. New Nissan coolant was ordered and put in, it was a shame to dump all the old stuff as it was only 12 months old

I also finally fitted the Nismo braided clutch line and flushed out the old clutch fluid and cleaned out the reservoir. I used the same PMU G-Four brake fluid for the clutch fluid. As it had been 12 months since doing the engine oil and filter i also changed them. I used an oem Nissan filter(should have got Nismo lol) and Castrol Edge Titanium 10/60 oil. I have done all oils under my ownership except the Attesa fluid in the boot and the power steering fluild. I will do them next time i have the car up, as they look very clean already.

Tomorrow i will fit the exhaust shield

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