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Thank you.

There are so many great cars on here for inspiration, it is difficult to think what to do first! I'm happy to finally be in a position I can buy a few bits more often, or save up for the bigger stuff, without sacrificing my other hobbies. Ultimate goal is still my homage to the S-Tune / 400R cars, hopefully 'finished' by 2020 for the 25th anniversary of the launch of the R33 GTR. I'd like a streetable 500bhp with good response, while sticking to Nismo parts as much as possible! I don't think you can get the Nismo R1/R2 cams separately? Hence thinking about the Tomei type A or B's. I think the A's are better for lower HP cars, better low-mid range torque?

I forgot to add HPI R35 AFM adaptors, so they'll go on the next order, along with the meters from eBay. I may well grab the Supertec kit for the R35 coilpacks too, should be better than the Splitfires, and cheaper than the Okada(?) plasma coilpacks! Another great upgrade I hear! I'll get my under seat sub fitted soon too, might do that Monday if I'm not on OT money grabbing again!

I wouldn't mind getting the car to a meet this year. Never been to one (or any shows) so, maybe this year. Needs a good polish first though!
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