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Originally Posted by bhp View Post
Don't be put off by the double sided tape, when you first install it it feels like it is not strong enough because you can pull it off and reapply it to make sure it is aligned correctly, but once it is on and after a good few hours i guess the glue on the back starts to set off and makes a real strong bond to the pillar.
Yeah there is so much double sided tape its not going to fall off as long as the surface your mounting it to is clean. It is the good 3m double sided tape. The way it works is like Bhp says, it achieves some of its strength initially but then over the next few days achieves its full strength.

Immediately after an application is made, about 60% of the bond strength is achieved. As the adhesive continues to wet-out the surface, you can expect the bond to be at about 75% - 80% after 24 hours. After 72 hours, 95%+ of the bond strength is achieved. The bond will continue to build with time.
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