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Originally Posted by Trevgtr View Post
No it's not unfortunately. If you're in N downchanges are slow, and if you pull the paddle too close to the last pull it won't change down, so you pull again and there's your 3.

The good news is, if you put transmission into R it transforms downchanges.

Try it the same as you always do tomorrow, first in N, then in R, Each pull will change down, guaranteed

This is very sound advice, I always drive in R now as N is so lethargic.

The GTR gearbox is still incredibly quick when your pushing it in R mode, it's not very comfortable with pottering around.

I guess a combination of being old tech and also bear in mind it can take 600lbft+ stock which very few DCT's can do even today, its like a heavy clutch pedal on a high torque manual - that extra engineering in one aspect appears to come at the expense of a little refinement around town.
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