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Chronos 17th July 2017 01:19 PM

Evo Magazine (Sept 2017) R35 GT-R Vs *The new* BMW M4

Spotted this review/article in the Latest Evo magazine, and thought i would post it up see what you think.. It makes for some interesting reading, and show's what both car's can do.. the old boy R35 Godzilla Vs the 2017 new tech BMW M4..

R35 GT-r still rocking the discotheque, 8 year's on! :cool:

p.s- Is this someones R35 on the forum.

Alex C 17th July 2017 01:49 PM

Thanks, nice read especially as I stopped my EVO subscription.

Not a fan of many of the latest cars but was warming to the M4 now its revised, however it seems that buying a new one is a bit bonkers still considering the lightly used options out there.

But everybody rents cars these days don't they, so I suppose they'll be all over the place still, I see a couple of C63s and M3s most days.

All about the image for some!

CT17 17th July 2017 01:52 PM

They asked me for a fairly standard car and I put them in touch with someone on FaceBook who owns the car.
I'm sure Simon can make himself known if he wants to.

billythefish 17th July 2017 04:17 PM

Yes it's Simon's car, he has a MY15 although unsure if he's actually on here or not? I know him personally and I know he's on the B35 but don't know about here tbh?

WingedBeast1968 22nd July 2017 01:56 AM

The tyre prices are wrong. As is comparing a eurobox to Godzilla.
Evo pricks :flame:

NELLEE 22nd July 2017 06:48 AM

I Test drove a M4 (In the wet) before I bought the GTR. I was not impressed at all.:nervous:

Mr.B 22nd July 2017 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by NELLEE (Post 5374514)
I Test drove a M4 (In the wet) before I bought the GTR. I was not impressed at all.:nervous:

Same here. I test drove an M4 three times but just couldn't see why it was twice the price of an M140i. I know one is a full M car but it just wasn't special enough. I've got an M140i on order, which is a great car for the money and just before BMW downgrade it from 6 cylinders to 4.

danielhoworth 22nd July 2017 01:28 PM

I love the interior design and quality of the M4. My Dad has a fully specced one and in comparison to my CBA it's on another level. On the other hand as a car to drive and have fun in, I'd choose the GTR all day.

I'd like a go in a tuned M4 to see how much improvement is made.

Mr.B 23rd July 2017 10:45 AM

Give Litchfield's a call. Looks they're currently rebuilding their M4 development car with new mods and bigger turbos.

NELLEE 23rd July 2017 12:45 PM

I don't think it will matter how much BHP they can add it will still try and kill you the first damp corner. Until I move to California im sticking with the GTR

james_barker 23rd July 2017 05:24 PM

Having driven a GTR I just wouldn't own a big power rwd car - particularly on the UK wet roads. I am very interested in the transition to awd and hope the next m4 comes like that. Know the new m5 is awd so there's a fairly good bet that might be my next car (bit more family friendly).

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