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Originally Posted by kevr32 View Post
Nice combo, I'm not asking for any figures, just wondering if your keeping a tally on what this is costing, or just putting it down to a labour of love, it's going to be a work of art when it's done, would be interested in seeing more on the body work if that's possible, but I get your a busy man, so understand if not, keep the pics coming.

Are you going to TOTB again this year?


It got to a stage Kev when I didn't bother anymore, if I wanted I bought. Seems to still be the case. I just have a vision in my head, until it's complete, whatever it The body pics will come, just annoyed I've wasted so much time with it buddy, could have been much further on. I will be at TOTB this year, I might bring the RS6 over for a spin.. def hook up this time.[emoji106]

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