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Originally Posted by Chippy_Jersey View Post
From these jobs worths.........

Not sure if my reply is a bit OTT

Dear Sirs

I write further to your attached letter on 4th May 2017, which was post marked 5th May 2017 and received (I assume) on Monday 8th May 2017.

Firstly, I would like to point out that despite my attempts to contact your office today by telephone at 9:15am and again at 11:23am and having left messages both times, I have failed to receive any reply. Given the clearly extremely serious nature of the claimed infringement I find this somewhat puzzling.

However, I digress.

Secondly, your letter clearly states that the number plates affixed to the vehicle are illegal due to the spacing and the letter refers to “Article 6 (3) of the Motor Vehicle Registration (Jersey) Law 1993” (More correctly known as “Motor Vehicle Registration (General Provisions) (Jersey) Order 1993”), with Schedule 5, Part 3 being the relevant section for reference. In this respect, I have measured the current plates on my vehicle (with digital Vernier callipers to ensure accuracy) whilst referencing the minimum requirements in Schedule 5, Part 3 and confirm that my number plates are in compliance with the law with regards to spacing, in fact some of the measurements (such as the margin) actually exceed the minimum requirements.

The reason for me taking the measurements myself, rather than presenting the vehicle for inspection by your good selves (by the requested time and date of 16:00 on 12th May 2017) is evidenced as per the attached - I direct you to the attachment titled “Travel Details”. In this attachment, you will find evidence that I left the island at 7:05am on the 7th May and did not return until 16:55pm on the 12th May 2017 – clearly not having seen the initial letter being received on (I assume) the 8th May and not possibly being able to present the vehicle to you by the requisite time due to being somewhere over the English Channel at the time.

I would of course have explained the above to you, had my calls earlier today, been returned.

Whilst it is not clear why my number plates are deemed to be “illegal” (as per my evidence detailed above and referring your letter), I have taken the unusual step of ordering new plates (complaint with BS. AU. 145d. (per the previously described law) and being stamped as being in compliance with such). As you can see from the email confirmation attached (Titled “New Plates Order”) these were ordered at 19:15pm on the 12th May 2017 from a Jersey based number plate dealer – which I assume conforms to your “reputable” statement in your letter. Given that this was within an hour (accounting for baggage collection, taxi home, etc.) of my arriving at my home address, it is quite clear that I am making “better than best efforts” to resolve this issue. Again, I would have explained this on my call today, had someone had the courtesy to return my call.

I trust that the above is in order.
I would have just asked them what evidence they have to state your plate is illegal, If your sure it complies that is?
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