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Are we all insured??

Watching car wars on TV the other night and the police were taking (visually) modded cars and inspecting to see if they were mechanically modded for more more power (if insured as stock) The comments were priceless, a focus RS was confiscated and not only inspected but driven by the officer on the road (to see if it was safe) he put his foot down and concluded unsafe as it had torque steer !!! Wonder what he would have made of 90% of TVR's as the back tried to overtake the front.
They had been tipped off the car was 600hp and to be fair it was getting reported for dangerous driving everynight, they said if an inexperienced driver were to drive it they may crash !!!!!! Ill remember that next time I chuck my keys to someone who just passed his test.
So a warning guys just a cursory look was all it took to be able to confiscate, diff air filter and exhaust, then they found decat etc etc
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