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Originally Posted by NeedMoreSpin View Post
Hi chaps!

I'm new to the forum (and soon-to-be new to GT-R ownership). I'm looking for an 11 to 13 plate, sub-25k mile example and looking to spend up to £55k for the right one.

I'm curious as to what sort of prices people are paying for these (I mean actually paying, not sticker prices). Good ones seem to be moving on autotrader from what I've seen and there's not a ton of options around the requirements I have... I'm thinking this is going to impact my ability to haggle when I find one I like. Are actual cash prices pretty close to dealer sticker prices or are you guys still getting them to drop sticker price down significantly?

I'd love to hear back from people's experiences here as I'm hoping to start viewing at the weekend and I'd be more confident viewing with some knowledge of how other people have done when buying used.

You should get a decent MY14 for 55k
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