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R35 Underside

Hi All,

Recently bought an R35 (Daytona Blue), which suffice to say, I'm in love with. It truly is everything I imagined.

I've got an underground carparking space (London), and frustratingly, in a bid to get the downramp to fit, it is incredibly steep. It's fine at the bottom of the ramp, however on the top, where it levels out, I've noticed I'm bottoming out around 1/2 - 3/4 along the length of the car. I can *just* get it to clear if I swing it diagonally across, but it's really narrow so I haven't mastered it.

It sounds like minor scraping, but what I'm wondering is, is this going to cause big problems? I've taken a look underneath as much as possible, and can't see anything (I imagine it's the exhaust in the mid point catching), but wondering if there's anything to worry about hugely.

It's all completely stock too, so standard exhaust etc too.

Any help would be welcomed!

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