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Originally Posted by njd View Post
The Mrs gets ordinary 4 star for her car (Lexus) from Costco and it is always at least 5p a litre cheaper than Shell.
On Saturday I noticed they have 99 Ron fuel at £1.15 - it is only 2 miles from home so I am going to fill up with this next time - has anyone had any experience of it?

My only concern is that every time I go into Costco I end up buying catering size packs of everything that end up lasting for bloody ages - hopefully they don't have a minimum quantity of 100 gallons

I have used shell V power 99% of the time in the 8 years I have had the car which is at stage 4.25. Sometimes it runs absolutely brilliantly but occasionally it seems 'a bit rough' I have never thought to consider if that might be due to fuel sitting at the forecourt or in my tank for a while as sometimes I can go 3 weeks plus without refilling.
See above, it isn't just 99 RON they brand it Kirkland Signature, their signature items they stand behind in terms of quality and I probably have more confidence in Costco than the average independent Shell Garage.

I have been running mine almost exclusively on Costco fuel for over a year now.
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