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Talking Moarrrr parts!

About time for another picture heavy, update!

I've had a load of parts arrive, waiting on more parts coming in the next couple of weeks too. I've been busy working, picking up OT as and when I can to add more to my addiction, er, collection...

A few pics of what I've got so far!

Nismo Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit, HPI R35 AFM Adaptors, OEM R35 AFM's, KTS Cool Power Suction Kit (replaces rubber intake hoses turbos to AFM's).

Nismo Air Intake Kit.

Nismo 600cc Injectors, Nismo FPR, Nismo High Flow Fuel Pump, Nismo Reinforced Transmission Mount, S-Tune Valve Caps, S-Tune GTR End Caps.

Nismo 600CC Injectors!

Nismo S-Tune Air Filter, Nismo Reinforced Steering Bushes, Nismo Clear Side Repeaters, Nismo Reinforced Clutch Line, Nismo S-Tune Radiator Cap, OEM Wing Bolts, OEM Dash Blank, Okuyama Carbing Radiator Panel.

I've bought new bolts and washers to get rid of the rusty shite. I'll also be removing and treating the radiator brackets to a refresh and add new rubbers! No, still not got the new radiator fitted yet! I've also bought a load of new OEM clips and poppers for the interior panels and those weird screw-rivet type things (the ones that always break on removal!)

New OEM Wing Badges to replace the carbon ones I currently have.

Samco Radiator Hoses, Autobahn88 Engine Breather Hoses, OEM Radiator Rubbers, Knight Racer GTR End Caps (Plain so I can fit S-Tune covers to them).

G-Plus Heater Hoses - Sadly, wrong blue as they don't match Autobahn88 or Samco! Only cheap so may well replace...

New type dash bulbs, meant to be a lot brighter with a better light spread? We'll see, hope to fit them in the next couple of weeks.

Shift Knob finishers from the USA! Bloody postage cost me more than all three combined! Wasn't sure which I liked most, so I ordered them all. They're actually black aluminium, so match the Nismo gear knob.

I finally sourced an R33 GTR airbox too, it came complete with scoop & AFM's which was a nice bonus. Needed a good clean up though! Used some Back To Black, followed up with some 303 Aerospace sealant stuff. It isn't "Aki clean" but looks a lot better than it did! I've also ordered black rubber sponge tape to bring back the OEM look and functionality.

S-Tune Oil cap, genuine this time!!

I fitted my R34 GTR pedals and foot rest, brake and clutch were a ****ing nightmare to get on! Heat gun FTW!

I've fitted my little underseat sub in the boot for now. All the wiring is done, and I'm currently making a new (stronger) floor to go under the carpet. It'll then be attached to the floor so it doesn't move around! I'll be going for a complete install once I have my garage, interior out job! But this will do in the interim, nice to have a little bass for once!

Template for the new floor.

Made some strut brace rubbers, they turned out ok but the 4mm thick silicone is too much I think, I'm going to use 1.5 or 2mm silicone instead.

I also treated the car to a good clean (using a new snowfoam lance!) polish and wax, she hasn't been so clean for ages!

As it was nice out, we went to Friday Street Café for some lunch and a drive out...

Unfortunately, my clutch made some weird noises on the way back, she drove fine but I think something broke, I heard a loud "kaaaPING!" noise, so something isn't right! It only makes a noise (screech) as you pull away, all shifting is fine and there is no "slippage".

So, had a chat with Ross & John at JDR, and we agreed the clutch is the most likely culprit. It has had some abuse as the car was previously used in the HKS amateur drag series by CliffJ, and the clutch has been in there since then! I've now ordered a new Nismo Super Coppermix to go in, along with a few other goodies from RHD Japan, just to make the postage worth while.

Coming soon, I have:
  • Nismo Super Coppermix Clutch
  • Nismo Fuel Filler Cap Cover Aluminum
  • Trust GReddy Pulley Kit (blue)
  • Nissan OEM Front Grill Emblem
  • Nissan OEM Trunk Lid Emblem
  • Nissan OEM Windscreen Cowl (Aki and his blog inspired me to change mine!)
  • Nissan OEM Windscreen Cowl Rubber
  • Nissan OEM Radiator Cooling Fan (Found mine has a small crack!
  • Nissan OEM Fan Belt
  • Nissan OEM Power Steering Belt
  • Nissan OEM Air Con Compressor Belt

My car had its A/C removed prior to my ownership, but I was given all the parts to refit it. After my wife and I went out in the GTR, we both agreed windows down is lovely (Kakimoto win!) but cooler air trumps that, but only just. It'll be going back in at some point, should be easier to do it while the radiator is out, and I'll replace the fan at the same time!

I've got my eye on many more OEM parts, and have heard Nissan are going to be reproducing parts for the R32, with the 33 and 34 to follow! Fantastic news, and means I'll be replacing some of the old worn parts like my wipers, washer bottle and coolant tank sooner rather than later. I feel they let the engine bay down a lot, and with all the parts I have to go in (and planned to come) it is going to look pretty shiny...

I've got to give a shout out to Aki Itoh of One Man's Lonely Adventures In His R33 Skyline GT-R and Speedhunters - Car Culture at Large - I've been greatly inspired by him and how he is keeping his GTR so loved and treated to some lovely parts! I hope that one day my R33 GTR looks as nice!
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