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Trevgtr is eating tyres and drinking 99ron, expensive diet, rapidly approaching 100k miles in R35's
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How much tread have the tyres got and how old are they, old worn tyres do slip a lot with that much power going through them, but basically yes it is normal. Have you had much experience with rear wheel drive cars?

You should be getting good traction in 3rd gear, but 2nd will kick out all the time with full throttle on bends. The difference between new and old rubber is huge - 50% more kick out on old rubber.

R mode will allow you more slip before the traction flashes and cuts power. I drive with traction in R all the time, on runflats, and find it very predictable and controllable, but you really have to be able to feel the car which some people can't do, then they blame the runflat tyres. The easiest way to control the rear end is by changing up as it twitches out, which is great fun through roundabouts.

Have you driven it on wet roads yet? It's superbly controllable because of the speed of the gearbox, but will frighten the inexperienced to death
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