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Thanks Alex. I'm absolutely itching to get stuff in the car! Buying parts doesn't make for quite such a good read as buying and fitting them! I've got 12 days off coming up next week, but we'll be in the garden building a gabion wall and filling that, plus other garden work too. All being well, my car should be having the clutch, etc fitted that week too, providing it all turns up in time. I'm only waiting on a new front GTR badge to come into stock!

Still not sure whether to get my current parts fitted sooner (and have an interim remap) or wait for the turbos, plenum, etc and do it all at once while the engine is out. If I do it that way though, I also want the Nismo sump baffle, new Tomei cams, Tomei cam pulleys, etc. That makes it all a lot more expensive (and delayed until late this year or early next year!) but I'll only need to map it once.
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