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So, as I missed out on the Nismo plenum, I've consoled myself with a couple of bits I wanted anyway:
  • Nissan OEM wipers
  • Nismo Engine Mounts
  • Nismo S-Tune oil cap (ratchet type, yes I also have the billet one already!)
  • Nismo Solid Shifter

I went for the solid shifter as A: It is cheaper! And B: The Nismo short shifter makes the shift feel heavier, which means you're more likely to miss a gear under fast driving (trust me, I've done it... ) - I had a Tomei short shifter, which I sold. The solid shifter keeps the OEM "throw" characteristics but reduces it by 10%, faster shifts and still secure. Apparently feels more natural and not as forced.

My clutch, etc. is on the way, so I'll report back with pics once I have it here, and of course once fitted!
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