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Introduction Thread

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Hey guys, My fiance and i made the jump into the Skyline world last weekend by purchasing this 1995 Nissan Skyline GTR. As it sits , it is essentially completely stock with a few minor things that i need to address ( front lip, boot seal, the side lights are missing, etc) but overall I must say i am beyond excited to have another project vehicle.

That being said, we are located in the United States, and the vehicle , due to importation laws , must stay in Canada until it reaches 25 years of age ( or is brought up to compliance, which i would prefer not waste money on)

I have been pretty much been spending all of my time of this forum trying to absorb as much knowledge from it as possible, as this is not only my first Skyline, first import, but also my first boosted vehicle. Looking forward to speaking with the lot of you guys!

I suppose for the sake of mentioning , the vehicle has approx 85k miles (140.000km) on the Odometer, but i have heard that Odometers are frequently swapped out, so i am unable to verify true miles. The vehicle suffers from misfire under rapid acceleration, under boost especially, but i attribute this to the 4 year old gas that was in it when i purchased the vehicle, and the (as far as i know) original coils in it. My intentions are to place Splitfire coils in it asap, i have ran about a half of tank through it from buying point to storage facility, and that had helped some of the misfiring but not resolved completely. New plugs and fluids are in the near future as well, but my time was limited my previous trip and I was unable to complete everything i had desired to.

My goals long term for this vehicle ( aside from aesthetics) is to get it running between 400-450whp and spooling by 4k rpm . I have seen a handful of people posting things regarding E85 (which is flexfuel in my country if i interpret the forums correctly) and getting some impressive dyno numbers, so that is also something I am interested in reading more about. If anybody has any build threads they could suggest , i would appreciate it ! (Trust that i will also be utilizing the search function, but if you are feeling generous :10_wink: ) Thanks Guys, Looking forward to being part of the family!

PS. Before anybody mentions it, My intentions are to fix issues, refresh engine where possible, and then upgrade , try to start a racecar's life at 100,00 miles. I have nearly 3 years before i can drive it to the states, so i have plenty of time to work on and address issues.
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