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Does this sound ok?

Looking at a GTR, service history is:

Date registered 3 March 2011

13/04/11 1,153 miles Nissan Kent (did gtr's have a run in service?)
08/02/12 2,707 miles Nissan Kent
19/02/13 14,229 miles Nissan Cardiff
19/02/14 20,087 miles Colliers Nissan
02/04/15 25,985 miles Litchfield Imports
23/05/16 31,034 miles Litchfield Imports
30/06/17 33,842 miles Auto Torque

Does that seem correct, sorry new to the GTR scene, the first year did only 1500 miles? but in first month did 1,153 miles?

Also does it matter some services are over 12 months? as some are 14/15 months on this ones history?

I am super picky with cars, is there away to check with nissan history?

Anyone know Auto Torque? are they any good...

Cheers guys!
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