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Originally Posted by Trevgtr View Post
Service history doesn't get much better than that IMO.

The frist service isn't actually called a run-in service, it's called an optimisation and should be stamped in a different part of the service book at 1200 miles, then every year. Some owners like to get through the first 1200 miles pretty quick so they can then open the taps!

After the 08/02/12 service, by the book the car should have had an oil change service at 2707 + 9000 miles (and put on a high mileage service schedule for cars doing more than 9k miles per year) but it's nothing to worry about, 99% of people and even service specialists won't even know that.

Personally, if it drives well, looks good, has good brakes and tyres, and is priced well, the fact it went over a couple services by 6/7 weeks wouldn't bother me at all with the mileage covered being so low.

Is it a stock 11 plate MY11? I would guess the price at around 46k?
Its £48k?!
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