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Originally Posted by Trevgtr View Post
Just watched the video, would be easier for me not to comment, so please don't take it the wrong way, but the overtake at 2 minutes 30 secs was a classic head-on collison scenario.

The majority of drivers don't actually look left when pulling out of a junction/lay-by/driveway and turning left, they have their head cranked to the right and swing straight out to the left, not even considering that something may be overtaking and hence on the wrong side of the road. It's the cause of most head-ons. You passed 3 entrances on the right as you overtook the tractor, which anything could have emerged from turning towards you with their head cranked to the right.

It's easier for me to keep my mouth shut to not appear patronising, so please don't take it the wrong way, but just waiting till you passed the junction/entrance hazards would have been a safe overtake. Also, you pulled right too early behind the tractor and maximised your time exposed to danger on the wrong side, better to close the gap first and get into a 'contact position' with the tractor.

Although I can agree that it would of been safer to wait until overtaking till after the entrances I wouldn't personally call that driving dangerously as it was fairly clear to see there was nothing as those entrances.

Not after a debate, just my opinion.
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