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Originally Posted by afsar.imam View Post
That's camera wide-angle view which is mounted in dead centre. From driver's perspective road ahead was clearly visible, if you see I pulled out in the middle of road and view was pretty clear and no vehicle was seen in a any position which can pull out in any direction. At that point there was no point in backing off so I proceeded with the overtake. I never take undue risks specially when in a GTR I get your point about vehicles hidden away from view but there is no much which can be done about it, it will be bad luck.
There's absolutely no way you could see nothing was about to edge out or swing out from those entrances on the right. The vehicle about to emerge would have been hidden by the bushes. That was a very risky overtake, there's no such thing as 'bad luck'.

Overtakes like that are potential head-ons, but the factors all coming together at the same time are very rare, so some people will overtake obliviously across junctions an entire lifetime and get away with it, the 'bad luck' not appearing in their path.

Drivers turning left out of junctions and not looking left is a huge problem, many on this forum will unknowingly be doing it. Nearly every driver I sit next to does it.
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