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MTEC Brake Discs

I'm pretty sure the response I'm gonna get here...

But I have seen these on Ebay (LOL).

Nissan GTR R35 Front 380mm x 34mm Replacement Rotor Brake Discs Pair 2007-2010 | eBay

Is it possible that these could be any good? What sort of Reputation do MTEC have?

Considering these are cheaper for a pair than a single disc from the likes of AP or ALCON it's definitely got me intrigued...

I don't need any discs so i'm not considering purchasing but others may be interested.

Note that on one of the pictures they recommend using the grove style 'If you are doing motorsport or Track Days' .... Seems they have confidence in their own product!

Anyone want to be a guinea pig?? lol

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