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Due to illness and my knee going spectacularly wrong, I've not had a lot of chance to do much on the car. I have had a steady supply of bits arrive though, which I promptly forgot to photograph and add to my current project, er, 'picture' thread...

That is about to change though!

My car is booked in for next week to have the gearbox rebuild, Nismo Super Coppermix clutch fitted and for my car to rejoin the 21st century by having the air conditioning refitted! That is, assuming I have all the parts and it hasn't suffered too badly after 6 years of storage. I already know all of the bolts are missing, although I'm not sure they ever came with the spares my car came with anyway!

New Nismo clutch and stack of parts to go on the car.

Not sure I have everything, but looking at FAST I know the bolts are (obviously) missing. Hopefully be able to use standard size / length bolts!

New fan to replace my cracked, aging one.

New front cowl and rubber to cap off when I "finish" my car! It'll probably go into storage for now, along with new wipers and new badges until I have a respray & 400R kit. Concentrating on the engine side first...

New Nissan OEM wiper arms.

I've now got two rear wiper arms and I managed to find my cap trim for the rear wiper! Many thanks to Dave and Chris at The GTR Shop for my rear wiper motor, rear wiper arm and knee pad! My arm has a fair bit of wear from storage, and the thread on the spindle for the arm was pretty buggered. The guys did me a great deal and gave me a free wiper arm too. This will be refurbished to (hopefully) Nissan quality, as the rear arms are now discontinued! The satin black isn't far off what it looked like originally, so I'll have a go at them next weekend, time permitting. I'm building a sleeper wall in the back garden, something else I was part-way into before my knee went! I need to get it done as our builders will be starting in the next couple of weeks!

Rear wiper arm and rear motor. I've ordered a new seal kit from Japan for the motor and replacement OEM bolts to refit it all to my car.

Rare drivers knee pad! Slight damage to the top trim clips, but shouldn't be visible once fitted. I may even fit it to my own panel... On the look out for a matching right hand pad now.

New belts to go with the refitting of my air conditioning and new GReddy pulleys! Along with a couple of other bits!

Who doesn't love boxes that say NISMO!?

Nismo Engine Mounts.

Nismo Solid Shifter & Nismo Reinforced Steering Bushes.

Nismo S-Tune Oil Cap V2.

New Aluminium CAS Cover, shiny!

The keen eyed among you may have spotted I gave my air con radiator a quick refurb. It was a bit grubby, so I gave it a clean up and a couple of coats of the same satin black I used on my interior trim (Canbrush C830 Satin Black) - It does have a few dings as you'd expect from a radiator in front of the car, but otherwise appears solid. You won't really see it as I have the Okuyama Carbing cooling panel on anyway, but I wanted to tart it up a bit.

I'm quite pleased how it came out really, and it was certainly cheaper than buying a brand new unit, when mine (should be!) functional and not needing replacing because it looks a 'bit old'. Oh, and yes I removed the paint from the front of where the pipes go into, I forgot to mask it off on the first coat! Doh!

I've also been having a go at a stronger boot floor (finally!) It does still need a bit more work before I'll be 100% happy with it, the right hand side is slightly too long and fouls on a bolt that sticks up from the boot floor, and I'd like to take a little off the top and bottom edges to make it easier to get into and out of the boot. It'll certainly give a nice base to fit my little under seat sub to! I might add a hole to put your fingers into ( *snigger* ) and pull it out easier.

That is pretty much it for now, more pics to come once the car goes in for its work next week. She'll probably be away for a couple of weeks as the guys are very busy, usually with CT17's R34 GTR collection!

Next job, well that seems to change every now and then. Correction. I seem to change my mind every now and then! I was thinking Nismo plenum and the R1 turbos next, but the plenum is an engine out job as it is a real pig to do in situ, so I've read. So, I'm thinking turbos next and get all my Nismo fuelling parts fitted and car freshly remapped instead. This will be the engine side mostly finished. Then, once funds allow: Buy the Nismo plenum, engine out, strip, refresh of all bearings, new cambelt, new Tomei camshafts, etc. No point in pulling the engine twice for no reason! That should be that stage finished! After that, either body or interior?

Once I have the car back from the garage, I'll crack on with my interior bits. I'd like to get the new dash bulbs in and see what difference they make and fit my shift knob finishers to see which I like best. I may sell the others, or I may keep them as I'd like at GT86 next year as my new daily driver. I've also found a lot of the bits from my old car I thought had been binned. Coilpacks, decat pipe and red Samco intercooler hoses. I'll have a sort out and get them up for sale at some point, more funds for my Nismo addiction!

Anyway, apologies if I've gone on a bit, I've got another cold and sore throat and have been bored, hence finally sorting pics and this post out!

Bollocks, I completely forgot to add! Waiting one a few more OEM bits to come:
  • OEM Washer bottle
  • OEM Coolant overflow tank
  • OEM Radiator mounting brackets
  • OEM Bonnet rubbers
  • OEM Bonnet stay
  • OEM Bonnet stay clip
  • OEM Bonnet stay grommet
  • OEM GT metal intake gasket
  • OEM Brake pipe clamps
  • OEM Oil level gauge guide
  • OEM Oil level gauge dip stick
  • OEM Rocker cover bolts (Coil pack cover)
  • OEM Rocker cover gaskets (inlet and exhaust)

Ordered some of it as it was cheap, and made the most of postage costs. £12 for a new bonnet stay!? Yes please! Seeing as my dad painted mine a few years ago with black Hammerite, and didn't rub it down or mask off the rubber! New dip stick gauge was cheap too, and will look nice with a refreshed engine.

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